Welcome to my website, nice that you drop by. So much has happened. Beautiful things have gone by, but also some bad things have passed”, which happen in everybody’s life.
A short while ago I quitted my band and I will forever regret that but it had to be done. Our manager also quit working for the band shortly before I did. It’s a pity that good things have to end this way.

My solo performances will continue and also my commitment with John Schets in a acoustic setting. I enjoy what I’m doing and live life kind a like a butterfly. Making music and sharing the soul feeling of music with musical friends is my goal. Within the music bizz it is hard to survive but when we all keep faith together that everything will survive.
I always kept faith full to my Music, even though I can appreciate other influences of music very much.

Have a look around on my site or the site and If you like, you can place a message into my guestbook. I appreciate that very much! It’s always nice to read them!
Enjoy your stay!

Many greetings and thanks for your visit.


Jody Lynn Mitchell